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Stories are the way

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come…” – Steve Jobs

Stories connect people, stories influence decisions, stories build empires, Stories teach and  inspire. Stories stick!

Stories are also a double edged sword, one needs to tell the right story to have the right outcome.

StoryBeetle is on a mission to help organizations, entrepreneurs, changemakers, educators, and students leverage the power of stories to build powerful narratives in their respective areas. 

We help you discover the storyteller in you, assist you with finding the right stories, and Story Beetle, the lady bug weeds out all that is unnecessary and superfluous to help you craft effective stories for your brand and enterprise.

Our storytelling and process drama based creative writing workshops for schools and educators are specially designed to foster creativity and individual thinking in students, helping them develop their own magic! 

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The joy of capturing the session in action

Feedback “Stories for impact” workshop by Henna Khan Founder, CEO Universe Simplified Foundation

Feedback “Stories for impact” workshop by Nihar Agarwal, Director, Anwesha Foundation

“Impactyog is privileged collaborating with The Story Beetle for benefiting a group of more than 250 NGOs through the webinar conducted by Arshia Bhandari on the power of sharing good stories and how it could create a great impact for these grassroots level NGOs towards reaching potential donors and in spreading the cause they are serving. The webinar was greatly conducted by Arshia Bhandari through interaction and polls with the participants. 

– Indraneel Karmakar, Impactyog

Experience at the “Stories and Dialogues at work” workshop was great, the content was amazing.”

Rated as 5 on the score of 1-5 for usefulness of content. 

– Ankita Chaurasia, JobsforHer

The “Stories and Dialogues at work” workshop was very interactive and my biggest takeaway from the workshop was how to hold your audience”.

– Namrata Ghatage, Financial system, FP & A, Diageo

 The “Stories and Dialogues at work” workshop was really good, What I loved most about the workshop was the presentation and my biggest take away was the effective way of Storytelling”.

Rated as 5 on the score of 1-5 for usefulness of content. 

– Shailaja Kamath, Data Privacy manager, Diageo

Creative writing workshop was really enriching for everyone. The presentation followed by creative writing activity gripped the attention of the audience. We would like to have more such sessions.
Monika, teacher
Sri Aurobindo School
The blog and creative writing workshop was very interesting with lot of information. Story telling method was enthralling. Blogging was explained beautifully to students and the workshop helped a lot..
Manjeet Kaur, Teacher,
Sri Aurobindo school
The Story Beetle sessions taken by Arshia are informative as well as fun- filled. Arshia is a very talented and dedicated story teller. She is very expressive and makes sure each child is fully involved in her sessions. Practical knowledge is always an advantage and so are these sessions. Keeping this in mind Arshia has always organized her story telling sessions followed by some craft activities or some soft skills like baking a cake along with children. Arshia your story telling skills are just magnetic and this is what drives my daughter more close to you. Thank you for your wonderful sessions....keep going!!!.