Our Happy Clients – “Find and align with your Ikigai” – a workshop on job crafting

Our Happy parents and educators!

Mansi, Parent

The Story Beetle sessions taken by Arshia are informative as well as fun- filled. Arshia is a very talented and dedicated story teller. She is very expressive and makes sure each child is fully involved in her sessions. Practical knowledge is always an advantage and so are these sessions. Keeping this in mind Arshia has always organized her story telling sessions followed by some craft activities or some soft skills like baking a cake along with children. Arshia your story telling skills are just magnetic and this is what drives my daughter more close to you. Thank you for your wonderful sessions….keep going!!!​

Manjeet Kaur, Sri Aurobindo school

The blog and creative writing workshop was very interesting with lot of information. Story telling method was enthralling. Blogging was explained beautifully to students and the workshop helped a lot.

Monika, Teacher, Sri Aurobindo School

Creative writing workshop was really enriching for everyone. The presentation followed by creative writing activity gripped the attention of the audience. We would like to have more such sessions

Nidhi Chaudhary, Parent

Arshia is a very nice story teller ..kids enjoys a lot and whenever I get time I too try not to miss the session..❤️❤️She connects very well with the children and they just love her ..😍😍It has helped me discover that my daughter has become a good story teller after attending story beetle sessions…she is just 6 and she has learnt so much from Arshia..😍😍


StoryBeetle conducted an online storytelling session on Gravity. The concept was explained in such a simple way. Our baby who is 5 years old thoroughly enjoyed it.

Shilpa, Parent

My five year old enjoys StoryBeetle’s sessions! When the Science series were started by StoryBeetle, and the first topic was Gravity, I was a tad bit skeptical about how involved my daughter would be as the topic seemed to be quite advanced for my 5 year old. Throughout the session, my kid seemed to switch between listening, chiming with other kids and fiddling with the her blocks. The other (older kids) were actively participating, asking interesting questions. The session ended and a few days passed, S says, “Amma, is is gravity that is keeping us on sofa. Is Gravity everywhere? Is gravity like God”? All that had been going on in the session was being recorded in her mind. Such is the power of storytelling and Arshia is very good and what she does. Would recommend StoryBeetle sessions to all our curious little minds.