The Big bad wolf

Was the Big Bad wolf really big and really bad??

Every story can have more than one perspective. If you go into detail and explore, you might find the black and white merging and the grey emerging!

Who does not know the story of the three little pigs and how the BIG BAD WOLF terrified them. Then, I was told another version of that story – the wolf’s version, and it was revealing.

It turned out that the wolf was framed, he was big yes, but he was not bad!

He was just visiting the pigs to borrow some sugar to bake the cake for his grandma. He was also suffering from a bad cold. He reached the first pig’s house, he knocked the door for some sugar. The pig, prejudiced by his Mom’s warning did not want to open the door. So, the wolf knocked again and again, and in the mean time, that irritation rose in his nose, it reached its peak as he huffed and puffed and SNEEZE! It was the sneeze that blew away the straw house.

And the pig ran in terror to the house of sticks, and the wolf ran after him to explain. But Alas, the house of sticks also blew down due to that big bad sneeze!
He again went to the house of bricks to explain, and because the little pigs did not want to listen, he decided to climb the chimney and enter the house to EXPLAIN himself. Also, he badly needed the sugar to bake the cake!

Oh, but by then the police had already arrived and with that the media!
And though he did explained his truth, it did not fit well with the newspapers, they wanted some sensational news for the town, and so was born THE BIG BAD WOLF!

Every tale might have another perspective, if only we care to look or ask!

Even Cinderella has. Read “Ever After – a Cinderella Story”, by Wendy Loggia (also a movie by the same name) to know the story of not so evil step mother.


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