Story telling for IMpact

I was looking for oranges, he kept coming to me with apples. Obviously, I did not take them. Had he made a little effort, he would have seen a sprawling apple tree in my garden”.

Before you approach a prospective client, do you study them well, their values and their interests? This is the ideal first step before we pitch.

In the Story Beetle “Stories for Impact” workshop that we recently conducted, we focused on NGO pitches for CSR funding.

One of the most important points to keep in mind when we pitch to a corporate sponsor is to understand the core values and areas of interest/ mission of their organization.

Does it match with our organization’s core values and culture. Is the work we are doing/ services we are offering aligned with the initiatives they want to take up in CSR? Is there any common ground?

Know your audience well! Research the organization well before deciding to send a pitch to them. It is important to find a like minded organization whose core values, culture and mission match ours. It makes sense to pitch only if there is a common ground. This due diligence can save us from many a rejections, and speed up the process of finding the right supporters for our cause.

Once you know your audience, the next step is to use storytelling to convey the impact of your work. Know more about our “Stories for impact” workshop under the link below:

Hear from one of our participants on how the workshop helped their organization:

Thank you Nihar Agarwal for your kind feedback!


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