About us


Stories can shape the way we think, stories can change the way we act! Stories are very powerful. As they say, “in the end, we are all but stories, why not be a good one”

Arshia Bhandari Das, the founder of StoryBeetle has 15+ years of corporate experience in training and coaching employees.

As a leader with her organization, she saw how the right stories can transform the very culture of an organization. At StoryBeetle, we help organizations leverage the power of stories to pitch ideas effectively, drive employee engagement campaigns, and develop an inclusive culture.

Her love for writing and storytelling inspires her to spread the magic dust of stories on everyone, be it kids or adults.

As a mother, she has seen the power stories play in parenting and raising kids effectively.

Her experience as a story coach for students at schools solidified her belief in the power of stories as an effective and essential pedagogical tool, and it can be applied and used for any stream or subject. 

The activities we do at Story Beetle help transform the world.