Story Coaching for Educators and Schools

Story Coaching for educators

Stories connect with young minds, they influence them deeply. The Best teachers in history have been wonderful storytellers.

Can all teachers be story tellers? Can all subjects and age groups be taught through stories?

Yes, why not?

We at Story Beetle coach teachers to apply the craft of storytelling for effective teaching. We also assist with curriculum design through stories and offer customized workshops as per the needs of the school and students. 

STory tellling sessions

We conduct story telling sessions for kids in schools and personal facilities. The stories are hand picked to entertain and gently educate the kids for value creation and positive transformation.

We also conduct curriculum based science story sessions – Science through stories

Stories are the means, the end is to help them develop effective communication skills, a story bank, vocabulary, high self esteem and creativity.

Creative writing and blogging workshops

Our creative writing workshops are specially designed to foster creativity and individual thinking in students. It is about helping them develop their own individual style, creative streak, their own magic!  

The sessions aim to teach different styles of writing – poetry, prose, stories, blogs and essays. 

Our creative writing workshops use process drama as a pedagogical tool to make the learning much more effective and powerful!

We employ forum theatre as a pedagogical tool to touch socio economic issues with kids to help them gain perspective and bring transformation. 

Work with NGOs

We have been story coaching kids from underprivileged sections to empower them. Our sessions aim holistic development of students, helping them gain confidence, strong communication and creative writing skills. 

We employ forum theatre and process drama as a pedagogical tool to touch socio economic issues with students, to help them gain perspective and bring transformation.