The power of a narrative

Our narratives make all the difference, whether we are building them in our heads or in front of someone, so it is relevant that we build them carefully, looking deeply, with all the details.

Let’s take an example of a success story in office – A project was successful!

Now we can just say – we successfully completed this project.


Talk about the challenges, the struggles, our actions, and the eventual success.

What will have more impact?

Surely, the narrative, the story – where one is able to watch the hero’s journey!
What about a failure story- is a failure really a failure?
We say – I failed


We talk about our challenges, the journey, our actions, the courage, the outcome, our learnings and lessons!

The former was a failure, the latter was a preparation for the upcoming success!
So how are YOU presenting your narratives both in your head and to others?

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