In one of the StoryBeetle’s #workshop with high school students and teachers in a school, I found a few students too stiff, they were so reluctant to do simple fun activities, as if they feel they are too old for it!

Instead the teachers in the same session were quite enthusiastic, doing the fun #energizer, laughing and enjoying. Infact the esteemed principal was one of the most enthusiastic ones and inspired me a lot!

It made me wonder what’s going on in the minds of these kids, why do they want to grow mature so soon and leave the child in themselves behind. I felt that they might stop living in the present moment quicker than the others and might find them selves entangled and spent!

I had to shake it off them, and cajoled them into doing it with a light rebuke, and as they endeavored, I could see the child in them arise, being in the moment, living, smiling and laughing!

We tend to tell our kids to grow up, not to act as a child but lets help them differentiate between being child like and childish! Lets teach them to savour every moment, go all out, enjoy, open themselves to life, laugh whole heartedly, and live fully, and in the process do it ourselves too!
What do you think?