entrepreneurship at 12

When I was around 12, me and my friends decided to start a little business during the summer holidays.

We collected all our comic books that each of us owned and started a library for the children in our community.

Lot of brain storming went into it and we together thought through and floated our ideas..

We made posters and stuck them on the gate to market our venture. It took a few days to make the venture work. We upped our marketing efforts and started spreading the word, telling friends about it!

The library was opened in one of our friends’ verandah in mornings and evenings. The weather was cooler and breezy at these hours.

We had made a comfy sitting to let our little customers come and sit and read or they could just rent the comics at 1 Rs / book for 5 days. We also kept candies as take aways (should we have, am wondering as an adult?)

One of us noted their names in registers, kept the account and diligently kept record when the book was returned. We followed up with the defaulters. One of us was the cashier, making sure that money is safe and well accounted for.

Our parents were so supportive, they would give us ideas to improve our business, and moms would cook snacks and we enjoyed our pot luck as we expanded our little business!

Our venture was quite successful and at the end of summer holidays, we equally divided the money we earned! Though it was a small amount, It gave so much joy earning your own money!

That was our first lesson in entrepreneurship. What we learned?

1. Entrepreneurship at 12
2. Team work
3. Value for money
4. Account keeping
5. Record keeping
6. Negotiations
7. Leadership
8. Partnerships
9. Marketing
10. Camaraderie

So, how are you giving hands on experience to your kids??

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