The little born marketers – a leadership lesson

A few months ago, before the lockdown, my dad and my daughter went to a park for her play time.

Mishti carried her restaurant set to play her favorite game of running a food joint. So, she assessed the kids around, and approached a few to play with her. But no one showed interest and almost ignored her.

Not the one to be discouraged easily, she started to play on the rides in the hope of striking a conversation with the kids but nothing happened to work.

After some time, Dad suggested “let’s go home and do something else as none of your friends are here”.

Pat came the reply, “Nanu, I was thinking unless I spread my ware, who will play?”

Dad preferred to be silent and just watched.

She then took her box and spread all she had under a slide and started fiddling with her ware.

Soon she had two little customers placing their order and Mishti serving her first order. In a matter of a few minutes, the number of customers increased and they started taking turns for different roles. The game got full on and went on for quite some time.

Dad was amused at our little marketeer!

He came home and related the whole story and we listed five things one needs to run an enterprise ☺️:

1. Show up and show case
2. Network
3. Understand your audience
4. Innovate
5. Persevere

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